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Vulnerable Air Conditioner


Protected Air Conditioner

SEE the Problem

How can we fix or improve something if we can’t see it?

We can’t!

Have you ever had a leak but didn’t know about it because it was concealed? Did you know that, on average, your facility’s electrical system and everything attached to it endures from 900 to over 400,000 surges every day?

Every time you experience a surge you enter the Surge Zone which exposes your equipment to greater risk of failure.

SOLVE the Problem

Focus creative people and you’ll generate creative solutions.

BlueSky continually scans the market for solutions that will help you solve problems such as down time due to machine failure or cash flow problems due to excessive energy bills.

Then, we ensure they work within an architecture that gives you visibility and control over your energy.


For example…

STEWARD Your Resources

We exist to help you succeed with your Triple-Bottom Line.

We care about (1)Your Cash Flow, (2) Your ROI, and (3) Your Risk.

Our powerful Solution Grid combined with our EcoSystem Maturity Model will help guide you in taking a holistic approach to energy management.

Triple Bottom Line