BlueSky Water Conditioning Benefits



According to a U.S. Geological Survey, 85% of households in the United States have hard water. Hard water is naturally occurring and can be found in both private wells and municipal water systems. Whether you realize it or not, hard water is making your everyday activities more difficult than necessary.



BlueSky Water Conditioning Benefits

  • Solve scale problems, prevent and remove scale
    • The physical change that the magnetic field produces in the mineral particles create a small precipitate that will not settle out of the water and can be easily transported with the water. This precipitate remains non-adherent even after being subjected to heat so it will not build up in your pipes or appliances.
    • The suspended mineral precipitate also works to remove existing scale in pipes and appliances which is something other water conditioning solutions cannot do.
  • Save time and effort, chores take less time and are easier to perform
    • The term “hard water” is derived from the concept that this type of water makes it difficult to clean clothing. In reality, the minerals in hard water have a negative effect on soaps and detergents. When magnetically conditioned, the crystal structures in the water are altered and the minerals do not impede the work of soaps and detergents.
    • Your glasses and silverware will come out of the dishwasher looking clean and clear without the spots you are accustomed to seeing.
    • Sinks, showers, bathtubs, etc. will become easy to clean once you no longer have to contend with the soap scum that formed before conditioning your water.
  • The ingenuous design is as effective as it is easy to use
    • Forget the time and money required to schedule and hire a contractor to install a water softener. BlueSky water conditioners can be installed by home owners and rarely require plumbing modifications.
    • Once installed, forget them and enjoy the benefits of conditioned water. No need to strain your back lugging heavy bags of salt as BlueSky water conditioners do not need anything and are completely maintenance free.
    • When it becomes time to upsize your home for a growing family, move out of town as your career advances, or downsize and embrace your empty nest, your water conditioners can move with you.
    • The lifetime warranty along with their portability mean that your BlueSky water conditioning system is the final hard water solution you will ever need.


  • Support your choice to live a healthy lifestyle
    • The manner in which hard water interacts with soap makes it difficult to remove from your skin. The remaining soap is an irritant to skin and can cause rashes and excessive dryness.
    • Magnetic water conditioning keeps the important minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, that your body needs in the water.
    • Water softeners that use salt to “soften” water are a problem for individuals seeking to reduce the amount of sodium in their diets. It is not just the sodium that is consumed when drinking and cooking with the water but also—your skin. The body’s largest organ absorbs sodium from the water when showering and bathing.
    • Magnetic water conditioning is the healthy choice.
  • Improves the way you look and feel
    • Both your hair and skin look and feel cleaner and smoother. Soap performs better when used with conditioned water. It creates a better lather and rinses more completely out of your hair and off your skin.
    • Your whites will be whiter, your colors will be brighter, and everything will feel softer. Conditioned water helps detergent work more effectively than it does with hard water.
    • Save your back for the things that really matter in life. BlueSky water conditioning doesn’t need any additives.
    • The stress on your body from lifting large bags of salt is a thing of the past.

  • The best choice for the environment
    • Unlike water softened using additives, magnetically conditioned water is good for plants and animals.
    • BlueSky water conditioning does not consume any energy. Also, by both removing existing scale and preventing future scale from forming, BlueSky water conditioning reduces the amount of energy needed to run your appliances.
    • Salt and chemical water softeners need to recharge the resin they use. This recharge process wastes large amounts of water and dumps concentrations of salt into our environment. By choosing to use BlueSky’s non-degrading water conditioning system you are protecting the environment on which we all depend.
  • Saves you money
    • Conditioning your water will save you money by reducing the amount of energy consumed by the appliances that use heated water such as your water heater, washing machine, dish washer, etc.
    • In addition to the reduced energy for heating water, your appliances will run more efficiently and create larger savings as you reduce both maintenance and replacement costs.
    • With a lifetime warranty and absolutely no ongoing costs, your BlueSky water conditioners are the most economical hard water solution available.

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